“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.”  -Matthew 28:6

Jesus is risen.  Resurrected.  Come back to life.  Conquered death.  Restored.  I was thinking about the resurrection this weekend (obviously) and specifically how it connected with my ministry to college students and young adults.  Here are some thoughts…in the form of resurrection prayers.

Jesus- Bring new life into our churches so that we might truly see the fruit of your work in every generation of people.

Would you please resurrect relationships between the generations of people in your church.

Lord would you restore in our young adults a vision for their leadership in your Kingdom!

Would you conquer those things which cause spiritual, emotional and relational death in our lives.

Please restore those who have wandered, who’ve damaged themselves, who’ve been damaged by others, who’ve been damaged by the church.  Please restore those who can’t get past their own guilt, fear, loneliness and pain.

Would you, the living Christ, give new hope to my “junior college” students who often times feel as though their stuck in college limbo.

Resurrect the lives of those young people who feel stuck; like they have no place to go and no place to turn.  Give them vision!

Please bring newness to our discipleship of young people.  Fresh energy and renewed commitment.

Please resurrect our passions for this generation of people and each generation after that.  Especially mine.

The implications of Jesus’ death and resurrection are huge and well-known.  Let’s not forget how this profound reality speaks to our ministries.  What are your resurrection prayers for young adults and college students?


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