Young Adult Leadership

Young Adults can lead ministry.

This is both a statement and a philosophy that I am willing to defend.  Not only that, but much of my ministry to young adults has been invested in seeing this realized in our context.  In a previous post, I’d mentioned how our church has used an annual mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico to develop young leaders, which has proven to be quite successful through the years.

We just returned from our 2012 trip this last Saturday and for me personally, this idea of young adults leading ministry was more real and raw than it had ever been before.  Of our 6 ministries, 4 were led by a person under thirty.  One of the six was co-led by a high school student who will lead that ministry next year.  In addition to this, there were young people leading us in worship and devotions, those who led “smaller” portions of the various ministry areas and the four young adults who are on the core team which orchestrates the entire mission.

Taken from the side of “Rosa De Saron”, which is the Church we have served with in Ensenada for over 25 years.

If you think that I might be bragging a little…it’s because I am.  I am super proud of them and just as thankful to be a part of their lives and ministries.  The reality of this trip was that not only did both the young and mature leaders do a great job, but that God showed up in awesome ways.

However there are some unique challenges to leading the church intergenerationally and I imagine that we have had some fun, if not all together frustrating experiences with this.  Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to explore some of these challenges and how they might be addressed.


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