The Day After

Yesterday we had the privilege of hosting Chuck Bomar from for a regional training event.  Fifty or so folks from around the Bay Area came to hear from him.  It seemed to be both challenging and encouraging to everyone involved.

Here’s a couple of things that I reflected on personally-

  1. This ministry is really important to God.  I’ve said this to myself and others before, but I was drawn even deeper into this conviction as I heard from Chuck and connected with other Bay Area leaders.
  2. This ministry is problematic for the Church.  We’re still figuring it out for the most part.  Chuck reminded us that the Church is about 25 years behind the curve on how to deal with this.
  3. Inter-generational relationships are the “missing-link” to a lot of our problems.  Churches have a huge programming gap that young adults fall into.  This also brings up the problem of why everything is about programming.  But even with our current structures, there needs to be generations of people crossing this gap and living as the true Body of Christ.
  4. My failures in this ministry are evident.  Chuck basically deconstructed the last eight years of my life.
  5. The problems of identity formation in late-adolescents are huge, but the Gospel addresses their needs.  I need to gear my “programs” and myself  to meet these needs at a deeper level.

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