Rest- It’s God’s plan

Our church is doing a four week series on REST.  During the series we’re also doing a blog to accompany the sermons and help people process this. So I thought I’d share this with you too!   You can check out the actual blog here.

Most of us don’t really rest.  For some the constant toil has become some sort of an addiction.  For others it seems to be the misapplication of principle, like work-ethics gone wild or something.  Still many of us are like victims who have become swept up in the hustle and bustle of our surroundings, never knowing that rest was supposed to be part of the package.

School.  Laundry.  Facebook.  Mowing the Lawn.  Reading.  Ministry.  Errands.  Soccer Practice.  Bills.  Work.  Kids.  Dr.s Visits.  Friends.  Homework.  Video Games.  Church.  Cooking.  Email.  Television.  Family.  Housework.  Exercise.  Small Group.  Shopping.  Commuting.
This is how I feel sometimes.

This is how I feel sometimes.

The list is endless.  Which is ultimately the problem.  The list will always be there.  Finishing today’s list in really only an exercise in futility, because tomorrow’s list is already waiting.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a list maker.  I’m not against lists. I’m against the tyranny of lists.  I’ve gone through seasons where the list was my slave-master and I its slave.

I’ve also experimented with Sabbath during different seasons of my life.  However God has recently brought me to a deeper conviction on this.  Recently he’s shown me that rest is both a command and an invitation to a better life.  As a matter of fact, like all of God’s laws it’s a command because it’s an invitation to a better life.
You see we can keep going, ignoring God’s invitation to rest.  But burn-out can happen to any of us because each of us has a limit.  The Devil wants you to push this limit, but God invites you to build rest into the rhythm of your life.Maybe you realized some time ago that you need rest.  Maybe you’ve been trying and failing.  Maybe you haven’t been able to figure out why your family life is crazy.  Or maybe you’ve made an idol of your own productivity.  No matter where you find yourself in this, we pray that you will join us as we take this four week journey of exploration through the world of divine non-productivity.  Join us as we talk about, wrestle with and experiment with the one thing we all need and the one thing we all avoid.  Join us as we Rest.

Invitation to Rest  
Every week we’re going to provide some suggestions for resting that we like to call “Invitations to Rest”.  Here are this week’s:
  • Don’t check Facebook for a day or more.  If you make it the whole week your life will change.
  • As many days as you can this week, find 5-10 minutes to just be with God.
  • Unplug your television and use that time to eat with a friend or family member, read a book or go for a walk.
Dinner Table Discussion
We’re also going to provide some discussion starters to be used with your family, small group or friends.  Here are a couple to start with:
Read Genesis 2:2-3  Why do you think God rested?What about Rest seems attractive and what seems unattractive?

Do we really believe that God made rest for us?  How should that change the way we live?

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