Who’s doing this well? Part 2

Irony or Providence, you decide!

Last week I posted several thoughts on what an intergenerational church might look like in Who’s doing this well?”.  Then, just a couple of days after I posted , I was reading an article from Fuller’s Youth Institute on intergenerational ministry.  As it turns out, they had some ideas as well!  The following is taken from that article, titled “Why Ecclesiology?”  

fyi-logoAt Fuller Youth Institute, we find ourselves asking (or being asked!) this question a lot.  In response, one framework we are wrestling with is that of intergenerational ministry.  While we’re just beginning to search out churches who are doing this well, we’ve put together a list of some possible distinctives of intergenerational ministry:

1.  Ministry strategies are sensitive to the developmental resources of children and adults of all stages as they relate to the Christian formation and development of teenagers.

2.  Ministry strategies recognize the developmental resources of teenagers to contribute to the Christian formation and development of children and adults.

3.  Ministry strategies foster relationships within and between generational boundaries.

4.  Ministry strategies recognize both top-down (originating with the senior leadership) and bottom- up (originating with congregational members or staff) influences in shaping the life of the congregation.

5.  Ministry strategies promote intergenerational hospitality.

6.  Ministry strategies promote intergenerational worship.

7.  Ministry strategies lend themselves to intergenerational service.

Probably better than my list.  Ok, it’s way better.


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