Nothing to Promote, Nothing to Prove

This quote came from the blog of the the late David Wilkerson. I think he was (is) right.  

We have enough gospel radio and television and busy Christians doing exploits. We have enough crusades, concerts, and outreaches. We have more than enough plans, projects, programs, seminars, books, records, tapes, magazines, and newsletters.

I am not condemning all these good works. However, what we do not have enough of are Christians who truly show who Jesus is. There is a shortage of those of whom it can be said, “There goes a Christian who really expresses who Jesus Christ is! There is one who has nothing to promote, nothing to prove—but Christ, risen and glorified! There stands a brother, a sister, who shines with the beauty and simplicity of Jesus Christ, the Lord! There is one who has what I’d like to have—a reality that cannot be denied!”

David Wilkerson,  May 19, 1931 – April 27, 2011



One thought on “Nothing to Promote, Nothing to Prove

  1. Looks like it’s almost the anniversary of this great Christian pioneer’s passing. Thanks for posting Mr. Wilkensin’s thoughts here. He was such an intense great Christian leader. His book “Hungry for More of Jesus” opened me up to his amazing passion to serve Christ. A great reminder to be about Jesus – Thanks!

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