A few weeks ago I got back from a long, much needed stay in Maui.  Sun burns, boardshorts, snorkeling and glorious sunsets became my normal.  The week before that, I was helping to lead our church’s annual mission trip to Ensenada ( I literally had two days between Mexico and Maui, from Hola to Aloha!) and the week before that I led our annual college/young adult retreat.

As you have probably guessed, I was pretty burned when I arrived in Maui (yes, I do need to plan my summers better!).  We landed, bought food, and went to our hotel.  A long month with two short days of preparation were followed by what you may know is a fairly long day of travel.  When I got to the hotel, I sat down on the couch and fell into an unfamiliar daze.

Though they weren’t great, I had set aside some times of intentional rest between my crazy events; which is probably what sustained me emotionally through it all.  Yet, when I sat down on that couch in Maui I actually found myself emotionally confused.  For the first time in months, I had nothing to do.  No deadlines, meetings, or plan-making.  There was no need to rush in travel or anything.  My family was already at the pool and I was just sitting there, perplexed.   

I sat for a while, realizing for the first time the emotional toll which this season of ministry had taken on me.  I was now free to do whatever I want, in paradise, for a wonderful amount of time; and yet I sat there, staring off into nothing.  It probably took me two or three days to recover.  I didn’t sit on the couch the whole time, but I did catch up on sleep, read for long periods of time, swam with my daughter and just generally produced absolutely nothing.  It was phenomenal.

hawaii 13 2

After the initial emotional shock of my arrival, I enjoyed Maui as anyone does.  Yet in all of this, I often reflected back on our need for rest and how when we get our of rhythm, there are inevitable consequences.  Our church recently did a series on rest, which we blogged about and you can check out here.


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