My name is Ian Longtin.  I currently serve as Pastor of Youth and Young Adults at Hope Center Covenant Church in Pleasant Hill, CA.  I’ve been a part of Hope Center since 2003/04 as an attendee, an interim junior high ministry director, a part-time college ministry director, a full-time pastor/director working with both junior high and college and now the overseeing pastor of youth ministries.  I live in a neighboring town with my wife and daughter.

*andcollegeministry is really just a way for me to add legitimacy to the struggles of college and young adult pastors in the local church.  The name comes from the fact that most people in average size or small churches who do college ministry have it as an addition to their job description.  I meet people all the time who tell me that their Associate Pastor at such and such church with responsibilities of preaching and general pastoral care….AND college ministry.  Or a lot of times it’s a youth pastor who’s tired of watching their students disappear into thin air so they oversee junior high, high school AND college ministry.  Other times it’s been a lay person who works full-time, cares for their family AND does college ministry on the side.  You get the picture.

This isn’t a blast against the church for making college/young adult ministry an add-on. In spite of the difficulties, I consider this a reason to celebrate.  The other side of this blog is to recognize and rejoice that the church is paying attention to a generation/age group of people that can easily be discounted or even lost altogether.

I also hope to share some things I’ve learned and wrestled with along the way, which I hope you’ll find encouraging.


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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts. I just accepted a position as “Pastor of Millennial (18-30 yr olds) Ministry” at First Christian in the Omaha area. Like you, I have always dealt with churches that treat college/young adult ministry as an after-thought, or as an “and”. So, when I happened to stumble across a church that wanted a full time ministry leader in this area, I jumped on it. Since I have been blessed to have the ability to serve this age group full time, I have been scouring the Internet for others with similar ministries. Keep doing what your doing!

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